Erotic mania, erotomania, presents systematized delusions of an

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it must be removed at intervals. It may be applied for two or for

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brought about by inflammatory reaction, causing an increase of

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Definition. — ^A paroxysmal, spasmodic contraction of the muscular

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dullness transversely and especially toward the right side.

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a report published by Ewald, in 1887, been looked upon as

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is allowed to eat calves' foot jelly freely. Hot water is the best

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it is well known that cotton is the best filter for straining out the

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continue for three years. When iodide has to be added, it is often

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bent over the upper border of this vessel. The artery was

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Causes. — ^The etiology is obscure. The affection occurs in a num-

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each depilation one of the above formulae should be applied. The

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chemical products derived from the artificial culture of the bacillus

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of pricking and numbness in the affected member. The electro-

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the rapidity with which they are hurried along the canal. In fact,

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The attack may be the result of a delusion, but much more frequently

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lated with tetanus bacilli, there is no local suppuration, and unless

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and often alcoholic or malt liquors, administered at frequent intervals.

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Ergot and ammonium carbonate are also employed at times with

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of the tubules granular and detached from the basement membrane,

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combined with atropine sulphate, gr. Xoo (0.00065 gm.), or nitro-

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Sedentary occupations should be avoided. The patient stiould be

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and fades and intensifies alternately, even from hour to hour.

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effectually. Every step gained towards the solution of the

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nothing has approached the inhalation of compressed air by means

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Varieties. — Ichthyosis simplex; ichthyosis hystrix.

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redness f either limited or diffused; heat, of the part affected; swelling,

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its typical character. The two types may be combined. Nodules

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expectoration, and there had been a loss of weight of two

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necessary in protracted cases. Locally, chlorate of potassium or

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Prognosis. — ^Recovery is the rule in young and healthy adults

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is necessary to avoid high temperature baths. — {Bldtt. jurklin. Hydrotherapie.)

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superimposed upon each other or grouped in irregular masses.

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cough was very troublesome, with copious sputum, and there

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Crystals. — Charcot-Leyden crystals are colorless, octahedral, sharply

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should not use the milk of goats; or, if no other is available, the goat's

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