dicated. Ice-pellets placed in the mouth afford great relief during
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symptoms to the one tangible sign, which he may have been
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and a sensation of exhaustion. During the attack it will be noted
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neuritis of the large sensory nerve trunks of the lower extremities are
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by those in whose case it has been most thorough. We think it may
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is blocked, the spleen becomes enlarged and tender ; if the middle
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individuals, found the proteid absorption for emulsified eggs
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as tuberculous or scrofulous glands are accompanied with tuber*
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discomfort, and also acts as a diuretic. Other diuretics, such as
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toms occur, and the typhoid, wherein muttering delirium, dry,
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of the salicylate is very often followed by a relapse of the symptoms
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In the 4th edition of A Code of Rules for the Prevention of In-
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their bacteriological differences, as happens in the epidemic, the
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be that (a) fewer families would become infected, and {b) the
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those rearing and feeding pigeons which resembles chronic phthisis
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mia; and it may be a sequel to other lung inflammations.
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it may not be possible to deliver the colon outside the incision . . .
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tration, sufficient to cause fatal edema, disappears with death, leaving
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school attendance under five in the minority of cases, in which
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painf td whisper. Cough of an irritating, painful character is present,
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third day by a papule which becomes a vesicle on the sixth day and a
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Guthrie lecture on cancer research (S. M. Copeman) - - - - 185
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law that all healthy organs have a wide range of working
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When seen the patient was rapidly going down hill. The
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For cleansing injured extremities , arm- and leg - baths of sheet
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nodules, which rapidly break down and discharge a fetid hemorrhagic
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pale or chalk-like, or yellowish white, with often a small reddish patch