to prevent sudden heart-failure. Iron, quinine, strychnine, cod-

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months previously, was injected at low pressure with carmine

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lucinations — "/Ae horrors" — finally terminating in mania which

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a deep inspiration, the increase in inches noted, the difference between

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are of value by the sediment they leave behind, which acts as a dust-

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ary phase of the disease. In severe cases the tendency to collapse

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temporarily or permanently and in these cases the attendant should

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be attempted, and for the purpose of giving some coherence to the

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it will be found that the patient has had very little food for several

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by skilled pathologists the results would require to be accepted with

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any groimd for the belief in the transmission of yellow fever by

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(rf the skin with the development of papules, '"«'"""■'

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chest. She was removed from her unfavourable surroundings

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tuberculin, the Calmette ophthalmo-reaction, and the agglutination

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geration of nervous functions, the reasoning power well retained;

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the attacks, the general health should be improved and all possible

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Cystitis may occur in typhoid fever and should be carefully guarded

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Other drugs, such as fluidextract of matico, f 5j (4 c.c), fluidex-

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apathetic, with quick pulse. There was some sickness after

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burning sensation where papillae are exposed. This is due to the alcohol

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fever, which may reach 103° or 105° F., and last a day or two.

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third nerve, epileptic and hjrsteric attacks, paresis, locomotor ataxia,

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Though showing a wide geographical distribution, the disease

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found penetrating deeply into the renal cortex and intermediate

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Prognosis. — ^Attacks of heat exhaustion, if properly and promptly

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1. The abscess, when it has become a large one, may make

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valescence that irritability of the heart, profuse night-sweats, insom-

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Diagnosis. — Delusional mania and delusional melancholia are con-

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rendered immune by a previous attack; where this is impracticable

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