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or three hours in cases tmassociated with digestive disorders. Tinc-

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advantages result from such attendance, but that, on the whole,

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bed, and a liquid diet, preferably milk, should be ordered, care being

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red, closely aggregated spots, scarcely raised above the surface of

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In the MUnchener medizinische Wochenschrift, attention is drawn by

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I. By a band. An urgent case, sent by Dr. Duff, Wishaw,

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be kept cool ; the temperature should, if possible, not exceed 60^.

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itself from observation by hiding in dark corners. The animal

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in the lungs or intestines, tuberculosis is far from necessarily fatal,

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circumscribed prominences between the clavicles and nipples, often

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course, palliative when the object is only to relieve suffering, and

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with an excessive, or perverted, functionation of the thyroid

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has become detached. This soon heals, and the faucial discomfort

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it. Salicin and salicylates are sometimes employed with the

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thrust upon them a public duty, not only without reward,

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the wound so that every cavity will be surely obliterated, it is best to

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in water of chemically pure glycerine, and afterwards storing the

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We have also attempted to fill in the gaps of this somewhat

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the mouth every hour until the stage of effusion and its consequent

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be scraped. Any loose sequestra are removed. While the

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disease in any organ may produce the same effect.* Now, the

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There is, tmdoubtedly, often an inherited predisposition to fibroid

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addition to being saprophytic, and this is apparently dependent

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evidence, either by its size or shape, of this condition, and the

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through the body by means of the blood vessels, so that all the

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may be followed by trophic disturbances such as occur in scleroderma

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most distinct in adults, but notably weaker in women than in men.

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lornojii.j j^ then mixed with six drops of fresh broth

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Passive congestion is dependent entirely upon the severity of its

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