scanty, high-colored, of increased density, and is loaded with tirates.

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best results by this method. The specific gravity method is more

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The healing is protracted, and a permanent scar, a " date " mark,

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by the use of spirit of nitroglycerin, lUj (0.06 c.c), or nitroglycerin,

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place, and, in all probability, outbreaks of this particular malady

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inhabit the intestine and the specific comma bacillus. The fluid

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Bacteriology. — In 1897 Sanarelli obtained pure cultures of a

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[The belladonna mixture consists of 2 parts of 15 per cent, tincture of

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back or regurgitate into the right auricle. It is usually of a blowing

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tacked. It occasionally appears in epidemic form. Exposure to cold

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produced by rapidly multiplying organisms, which may be likened

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flabby feel quite apart from any dilatation of the pelvis.

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exophthalmos. The roof of the orbit is separated from the

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in infective endocarditis than in typhoid fever. In doubtful cases

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of the early symptoms, venesection or leeches behind the ears, to the

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of pulmonary tuberculosis by injections of tuberculin.

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sometimes no sugar is discovered, or, if it be, its presence is merely

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with a low carbohydrate ration. It may be possible that

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In acute miliary tuberculosis the pulmonary symptoms are usually

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breathing, relaxation of the sphincters, lividity of the face, loss of

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In young children it is sometimes necessary to feed by nasal

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rhages so characteristic of the very acute cases are not seen. Rigors

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to Mr. Haffkine, one of the most brilliant scientists of the day.

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