smoky urine, dropsy, with more or less constant nervous phenomena,
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necessary to produce first, a sediment by means of the centrifuge,
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Inf. condurango.. . .q. s. ad f 5viij ad 240.0 c.c.
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best calculated to relieve tension. In 90 per cent the buboes sup-
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anaesthetic. Should any of the more serious complications of the
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cells first affected, vacuoles arise in the central portion of the
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distressing burning in the eyes, associated with vertigo and chroma-
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croupous pneumonia, and that this may explain the difference between
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years. The symptoms, for which such treatment has been
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sterilization of the discharges by chlorinated lime or carbolic acid,
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Case 12. — The patient, a male, aged 20 years, was first
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In addition to great irritation of the skin (eczema, chajDping) it
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were fatal. In all, the bleeding increased gradually after
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owing to the thickening and distention, the thickening being most
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and artificial respiration at once ; the presence of the abscess
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Such conditio^i is sometimes called pseudohydrophohia or lyssophobia.
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Finally, an abruptly -raised, painless excrescence is formed like