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faction, now used in the antisejjtic treatment of wounds, the most im-
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of the lips, tongue, and upper extremities, pupillary changes, miosis,
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on the result of this examination that the verdict depends.
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Symptoms. — They may be unattended by sjrmptoms or there
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must be taken at once. When a bath can be obtained, and the
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often secondary to nasal discharge. The exciting cause is some form
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in a little water, may be given in the same way. If the pulse is full
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at the base of the brain. Depositions of grayish-white gramdes of a
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Arbuthnot Lane divides the reflected capsule into a number
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ents. The liver, spleen, and sometimes the mesenteric glands are
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Mayo Robson of draining the gall-bladder into a bottle which
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that of the latter. The first sound is not infrequently short
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the bacilli are stained, their vitality and power of movement are not
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tubercle bacillus, producing papules, nodules, and patches which
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ends, from 4 to 10 or 15 inches in length, and from H to Ji
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Although the process has not actually been observed, the free spores are
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still more in France, such creches are very numerous.
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lapsed position with a lowered gastric splashing. The ac-ray, with
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every four hours. The dry, itching skin may be relieved by diaphore-
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hereditary form. In the former case the disease is implanted by
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protoplasmic insufficiency, the master tissue is unable to deal
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must beware of being satisfied with the absence of murmur ; the
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cavities communicate wil^ a bronchial tube, the cracked-pot or
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atmosphere of the one in which he is should be maintained at an
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complication of typhoid, other symptoms must be looked to — the
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sympathetic nervous system give rise to it in many instances. The
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albuminous urine will distinguish erysipelas from the eruptive fevers,