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cicatrices of variola are usually more abundant on the face than

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lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys may thus be riddled with small

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surface at each dressing with i : 20 carbolic lotion after spraying with

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In children intussusception is the most common cause of obstruction.

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thus a small aneurysm is produced. If the embolus should be free

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broken up into carbon dioxide, and marsh gas, or methene.

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the result of narrowing of the larynx from spasm, and with wheezy,

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a sedative. The complications which are liable to super^^ene

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perature, headache, backache, and vomiting. Micturition is apt to

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the rest of the body; the tail of the male has a bi-lobed pnHninence,

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Symptoms. — The affection begins with a severe and usually pro-

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of coughing, and after more or less of the membrane has been raised,

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and spring seasons, heredity, infectious fevers, especially scarlet

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of thickened peritoneal tissue, which extended downwards

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custom and speak of such collections as tubercles simply. A tubercle,

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Dengue may be mistaken for yellow fever but it lacks the distinc-

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tion. Cerebrospinal meningitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, typhoid fever,

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preparation should ba made by allowing a thin film of blood to dry


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peripheral nerves and muscles, the various sensory phenomena, and

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hysteria, and the infectious fevers are predisposing factors. The