given, which is usually about the eighteenth hour. This should be one-
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extension. — This is most common in young children, in whom the
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ings favour the development of Oriental sore. All nationalities, both
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tures from 80** to ioo**F. In disease, the temperature sense may be
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in the cessation of perspiration, the skin becoming hot and dry in
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band was noticed attached to the capsule, which itself was
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little useful knowledge — sleep on in peace, dear Mr. Barlow —
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Prognosis. — The outlook depends upon whether auricular hyper-
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formation of symmetrical, round or oval, node-like swellings and ac-
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The exophthalmos of exophthalmic goitre is usually bilateral,
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cold as brickdust deposits. Thdr quantity is increased in indigestion,
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and has a chronic course. Months and years may be occupied with
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probably, all the symptoms manifested more or less directly depend.
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must be noted that the parasite is not usually found in pus issuing
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sometimes applied to this condition, the history may be of
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In about four days the swelling has much increased, and is conical,
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Symptoms. — ^There may be an incubation period of a few days,
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copious, being made up of a muco-purulent material containing
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The ascending portion is 2. inches in length, arising from the left
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Fixation dressings in compound fractures and injuries of joints . . 168
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malarial parasite, boiling the water used for drinking, cooking, and
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Diagnosis. — Feeble cardiac sounds, with slow pulse, attacks of
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ling, tearing, intense character, increased by pressure or motion.
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j (0.6 gm.) after each meal gradually increasing the dose, and creo-
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shows no marked rise or fall, but the pulse-rate steadily declines.
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body. The female is the most commonly encountered; the males
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prevented, or the parasitic organisms prevail, and make good their
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means of a platinum loop a drop of the serum added to lo^ or,