to the inhalation of finely divided dust. Chronic alcoholic excess
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dermoclysis. The fever will require cool bathing, or sponging with
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point to such a case as that of Mr. Haffkine, that confidence
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result of many of the organic diseases of the brain.
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as the lenticular-optic and the lenticular-striate arteries, and are
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Operation is contra-indicated, however, in cases of advanced
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fimction is to supply the mucous lining of the larynx with sensibility,
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the main flow of blood from it till the relaxation sets in,
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noid), particularly the basal pia-mater, attended with or due to
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The parts should be wrapped in cotton-wool or flannel, and moist
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swollen and purplish, the pupils contracted or dilated, the pulse feeble
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tant murmur, with the second sound of the heart. This murmur is
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Spasmodic Stage, — ^The cough becomes paroxysmaly consisting of
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associated with swelling and an increased secretion of viscid mucus.
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renal troubles. Vitality is markedly lowered and the spirits subject
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may be mild, with rigors succeeded by moderate fever, headache,
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Treatment — Patients suffering from acute dementia should be
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some authorities state that this mode of infection of the lungs is
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the purpose of determining the extent of absorption of the
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a few hours. Organisms, on the other hand, in which spores are developed
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swelling in one of the inguinal regions, with absence of the
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irritation of the ovaries or uterus, worry, anemia, exacting mental
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cautions have been strictly observed. Besides these relapses after
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Definition. — ^A ftmctional disorder of the sebaceous glands of
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The indications are to keep the patient quiet in bed and to treat
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Modified Smallpox or Varioloid is that form of the disease
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pupil becoming somewhat larger than the other, or the pupils may be
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nective tissue. The course is chronic and ulceration never occurs.
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hours to 107°, 108°, 109°, or even 110° F. Death may quickly
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from the coolie work involved in dragging about heavy iron
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ilitic origin and require specific treatment. Symptomatic coryza
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Qtianliialive Tesl.—For the determination of the quantity of al-
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It is also irritating to the skin, especially when employed in
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inoculated animals may die before the incubation period of rabies