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"corset-liver" or the "la^ed-off* liver which results from the wearing

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the result of the serous exudation, giving rise either to a discharge

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include some of his best work, notably in the preparation of

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monly in the last stages of pulmonary constunption, although hollow

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bution and accompanying symptoms are different. Again, the

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In the period of cavity-formation dullness may be detected with

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Some cases of this kind are not truly rheumatic, but are a gonor-

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falling to 99**F., in the morning, and a soft and compressible, irregular

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fact a complete disappearance of the latter may occur, so that inocu-

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almost always be found to be larger than normal. In the healthy

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Definition. — ^A progressive general weakening of the mind, charac-

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routine may not be the ideal one, but it is the best that I

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the high temperature now maintained in operating rooms.

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vomiting, and hiccough are present. In the early stage, when the

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Sjmaptoms. — On some exposed part, or parts, of the body,

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attended by anorexia, dyspepsia, epigastric distress after meals,

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It is impossible, in practice, to obtain a summation of positive

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induces a necrosis of the cells with which it comes in contact; the

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Occasionally hallucinations of sight occur. The tendency is toward

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The rash fades in the order in which it appeared, and rarely

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application is preceded by the temporary use of a weak mustard

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ments, and after a time a general cyanosis commences, the face

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ordinary disease, the actual amount of smallpox in the country,

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of the kidney, pressure of adjacent tumors, traction of hernia, and

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glands there, but the day before operation I distinctly felt

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symptoms of coUapse, the expectoration of a blackish, fetid character,

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conduct or appearance of the position due to the character of the

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ten to twelve hours the reaction occurs with a rise of temperature

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is an anno)ring symptom in many cases, and is best overcome by a

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M. S. — ^Lotion. Apply morning and evening (Hardy).

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occurs, the process being known as sclerosis. Gummata may occur

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stomach, pancreas, intestines, and peritoneum, and enlargement of

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which 3 •'/o siccative („drier") or varnish-extract has been added. The sheets

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associated with either faucial, nasal, or laryngeal diphtheria ; but in