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supplied by the external popliteal nerve, exhibit the reaction of
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peeling, arthritis, nephritis, and adenitis during subsequent con-
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thoracic viscera were healthy, with the exception of some
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window. This violent deUrium is usually followed by great depres-
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patient, feeling bruised and shattered, will slowly recover strength.
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mistaken, we might mention as the most frequent : —
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review, and, at the outset, let me say that it was possible to
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"There is no reason why mere dynamic brain disturbance should
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Among the internal remedies that are of value in this condition
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but the deposits also acctunulate in the knuckles, eyelids, and carti-
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to be transmitted by the bite of a mosquito — Culex faiigans. It is a
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Now and then, in a very variable proportion, death occurs very
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it was possible to predict the day of its prospective fall.
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cough, referred to the throat or stomach and occurring usually in the
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severe febrile symptoms from the first, rigors, rapid rise of tempera-
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takes place tincture of nux vomica, Itlj to iij (0.06 to 0.2 c.c), three
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Pleurisy is more often confounded with pneumonia than any
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the intermit of the children, and, consequently, of the State
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or pneumonia, an additional ice-bag should be placed over the in-
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the first dentition; characterized by severe colicky pains, vomitdng,
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the itching then continue, do not repeat the treatment at once,
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M. S. — ^Teaspoonful three times daily in water after meals.
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twice as rapidly as before, but the carbohydrate should not exceed
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excesses in those engaged in a sudden debauch, or who havQ drunk
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Much attention has been directed to the disorder of nutrition in
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of gut shpping in behind it and preventing its return to its
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Treatment — ^The affected part should be placed at rest. Repeated
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secretions or rather their excreted waste-products. {b) Those sub-
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anastomosis performed. The growth of the colon histo-
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sudden effusion from the vessels of the corium as the result of dilata-
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(b) Chronic obstruction, produced by (i) fecal impaction, (2)
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Pre-epUeptic mania consists in attacks of mania some days or
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leave a stain lasting a few or many months. In many cases succes-
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marked and long-standing stomach and intestinal disorders, such as
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