been inoculated by a bite. In the case of the antitoxic sera, however,
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'* Cerebral thrombosis occurs at any age, but chiefly in syphilitic
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ache, and more or less mental impairment. Blindness and chronic
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Causes. — ^The principal etiological factors are senility, heredity,
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dysphagia, dyspnea, and feeble heart. If the inflammation extend to
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tions also the occurrence of acetonuria in hysteria with any
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the hair may occur. Fissures occur round the mouth which, on
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the jaundice deepens; the pulse becomes slow; the headache increases;
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touch, or it may come off with difficulty, and then little
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with tincture of belladonna, 1Uv (0.3 c.c), or nitroglycerin, gr. J^oo
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seemed to have been a fibroid change taken place. The
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tion and development is always slow and gradual. If the cause
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Definition. — ^An acute contagious inflammatory disease char-
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green grains characteristic of actinomyces, which somewhat resemble
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onset have been attributed to neuritis, have also been seen. Con-
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tongue, and constipation. These symptoms may continue from a
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Treatment of septic wounds (secondary antisepsis) 150
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immediately volunteered the statement that she could not take the
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the jugular vein, acute leptomeningitis, diseases of the right heart,
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(Charcot) ; spastic spinal paralysis (Erb) ; primary lateral sclerosis.
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possibly be gained by incising a piece of small intestine and sewing it up
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organic cerebral disease. It is diminished or absent in locomotor
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some defect in both. Thus the transmitted Hability or tendency to
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dilute sulphuric acid, tincture of the chloride of iron, ergot, silver
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should comment upon, is the removal of this lymphatic plexus in a down-
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for the relief of the symptoms. As benefit occasionally follows the
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color, and number of the wheals that may occur have given rise to a
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mately follows, being ushered in with convulsions or coma with
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and dealer ; another, in a district of nearly 60,000 acres,
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think it is the pancreas that is felt on account of the prolapse of the
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(i) Movable kidney associated with Glenard's disease.
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peritoneum, covering the anterior renal surface, is more
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should be treated as they arise, on general therapeutic principles.
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of life was seized during, or immediately before, defaecation
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injury to the cardiac muscular wall reveals itself clinically in an acute
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to above, the mortality for the first three quinquennia was 12.4, 3,