intermitting pulse; a dicrotic pulse; delirium, muscular tremor, and
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Auscultation reveals, in the early stage, jerky inspiration with
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jaundice sets in. The same remark applies to phosphorus poison-
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disease became more prevalent. In North America also malaria is
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anxious look and may very likely get up and run to his mother or
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reducing the prevalence of, and mortality from, smallpox the follow-
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received in this way 400 ccm. of milk and 6 eggs in the
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swallowing, and tenderness, on pressure, over the larynx. Generally
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addition epithelium, degenerated cells, blood corpuscles, or fat glob-
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frequently recurring convulsive attacks, it is raised and may run up
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of the nerve-trtmk and its peripheral distribution, of a burning, ting-
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the case in glanders. It is always desirable to take a drop of the
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), trachea; 4, nglit luag apu; J. upper iDbe, 0. middle
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Ulcerative appendicitis is characterized by varying grades of
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the left comu, extending into the broad ligament. The adnexa
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clothing; the following, however, may be employed with good results:
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Embolism in the course of endocarditis produces an additional
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affected side, due to shrinking of the diseased lung.
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The occurrence of perforation requires prompt surgical inter-
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experience of every medical man, for apparently obscure
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found a single case of " Spasmophilia " among infants fed on
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103° F., and the pulse was over 100 per minute. A com-
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lytic stage, quinine sulphate, gr. iij (0.2 gm.), with alcoholic extract
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they illustrate very well the type of case we are considering,
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abscesses , resection of the hip , etc. , it is advisable to place rubber
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and malignant. Innocent tumors are well-defined, often lobulated,
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symptoms are treated as in the acquired variety. For a suckling
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with their attendant symptoms. Generally, as a late manifestation,
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apparent exaltation of all the processes of the mind manifested by
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— ^arteries without anastomoses, such as the lenticular-optic and the
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imdergo absorption, and recovery follow. If associated with soften-
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animals, such as dogs, pigs, fowls, turkeys, horses, mules, llamas,
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secondary vesicles, many of which eventually merged into the
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brandy and water and then applied to the abdomen, being again
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have only been studied by their effects in neutralising toxin — hence the