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and headaches, especially at night. The cause of this is periostitis,
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presence of herpes. Few disorders have such a sudden onset, and
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emphysema is probably due to over-inflation of the individual alveoli
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discrimination is often only positive by careful study of the symptoms
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despondency, aphonia, and cough the result of pressure of the goitre,
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the typhoid bacillus appears to be usually present in it.
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mucous membrane. The vocal cords show infiltration and thicken-
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Vichy, Bedford, Poland, and similar waters, potassium tartraborate
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the patient arouses from the coma, the hemiplegia with aphasia
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the bleeding, but in a patient, sent by the late Dr. Finlayson,
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seldom absent in typhoid, even in mild cases, and is valuable as a
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are the most frequent. Hyperpyrexia, cerebrospinal meningitis,
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have been rendered more or less immune by repeated slight in-
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M. S. — One-half to one teaspoonful every two ho\u«, undiluted,
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sure upon the internal jugular vein of the same side. The
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accurately, symmetrical. The larger joints, especially the knees, are
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is alwajrs shortened. Expiration is always prolonged, and if bronchi-
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puberty. As a rule it occurs but once in the same individual. The
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ammonium carbonate, potassium carbonate, and potassium acetate
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unconsciousness. There is, of course, a physiological rise in the blood
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form of the disease it is either considerably and permanently
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tion should always be avoided. Robust individuals may partake of
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Sometimes, during the rapid sequence of the respirations, an oppressive
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tenderness. Nausea and vomiting often occur. The bowels are
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procedure several times, after which, with a varying interval^ the
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the albuminuria are common to both, but in uraemia there is no
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Base, posterior fossa. Trigeminal neuralgia; neuro-paralytic oph-
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astringent rectal irrigations should be continued. When the patient
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the eruption is limited to the mouth, the diagnosis becomes more
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few weeks only, without the obstinate persistence so characteristic
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The application to mental disorders of the methods of clinical pathology,