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Her pulse, however, during this time never rose above 100, and she

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patient was able to go back to his office work again. He died suddenly

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be given; e.g., for 3-4 weeks a teaspoonful of lithium carbonate or the

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(Showing average ■weight for each height and age. Based on " Nylic Graphic Table.")

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It is dedicated to the Duke of Argyll, and contains a well-bestowed

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proposed by Dr Sibbald, seconded by Dr Skae, and unanimously

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condition of genuine chronic rheumatism, we should strive our

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Therapy of the Accompanpng Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis, and

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cholera is much lessened in places surrounded by trees, in the same

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induce an active hypersemia and, reflexly, deep breathing and coughing.

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Averting the Coryza. — To avert the coryza, we use hot foot-baths,

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blood, and spleen. If diphtheria-like bacilli are recovered, it is

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His pulse was then 140, skin very hot, constant vomiting, conjunc-

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pneumococci, only a few colonies developing in each instance;

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Hot Springs, Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains, lies in a valley at

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