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the mares fhould be kept in the liable, and fed with

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Owing to its great solubility in water, and to its containing more of the

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Eecent writers declare that cases of liver abscess of apparently idio-

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throat. Occasionally abscesses or a diffuse suppurative inflammation in

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Ingestion. — Whilst tuberculosis by inhalation is undoubtedly the

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legs are still more or less soft and the ligaments of the joints weak. Such

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wrong. Pending their action, the patient should starve. A pure milk

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lower portion of the trachea, just above the bifurcation. The gummata

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however, saturnine hepatic cirrhosis exists, it is excessively rare.

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readily be understood, the disease occurs most frequently in the poor, the

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1018. Thus it will be seen that the kidney is able to do its work in

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seal for chemicals. It has been found perfectly successful for that

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first full and bounding, rapidly becomes small, dicrotic, and fluttering. At

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it out quite to the bottom, in order to have the more

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supplied by carbohydrate and fat in proper proportion to pre-

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mouth capsule, the lips of which are provided with four hooks and two

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set down to them was jaundice. These aneurysms usually rupture into the

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Treatment. — The treatment of lead poisoning in children is practic-

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embryo. The proglottides, on escaping (usually singly)

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vulnerable, for these years furnished 71 per cent, of the total cases. It is

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a very rigid diet is not indicated, it is best to allow a small quantity of

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tuberculosis, 904 were males and 658 females, giving a proportion of 100

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particular, the forehead, or the trunk, arms, or legs. It occurs in several

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remain, the result will almost always be a stiff painful wrist with

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for the macular eruption ; but trunk and limbs also are usually more or

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side of the body, according to the position of the perforating ulcer : the

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(the time when this account was given,) he remained

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supposed. It is usually asserted that males are more often attacked than

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their blood, and necelfarily aflfedts their flrength and

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slowly and ankylosis may occur. The vertebral joints from occiput

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radial pulse the important features were the irregularity in rhythm and force of

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contraction of the fibrous tissue, but we must, as Mott points out, remember

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21 /a to 28 n) (a). The granular protoplasm now contracts, and a clear

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Egypt, the Sandwich Islands, Tahiti, the east and west coast of tropical

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European ; the latter is likewise much more susceptible. Mongolians and

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which direfts them in the choice of their food, with

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symptoms, the absence of evidence of gross structural disease in the in-

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efpecially in hot weather, and in hot countries. It is

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infection. While the so-called acute infectious diseases are not as

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ordinary, and perhaps by no means severe, malarial fevers. Their dis-