infants, have been advanced as reasons for avoiding vaccination, on
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should not be allowed to return to school till one week has elapsed
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successive year of Ufe, it would be found that the maximum height
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exhaustive Critical Review by Russell Andrews {Journ. of
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to life which was inseparable from the disease contracted in the
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mation from the meninges to the labyrinth, and also to the affection
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a swab. The possibility of scarlet fever accounting for the
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murmur, and a few scattered rales. Tubercle bacilli were
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which have been already sufficiently indicated in the remarks
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slight fever, coated tongue, loss of appetite, headache, and diarrhea.
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larly the urate of sodium, are deposited in the structure of the small
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Infra-clavicular Regions. — ^The vesicular murmur in this region on
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in which it is impossible to appreciate heat or cold by tactile impres-
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posteriorly and follows the course of the ureters, and is attended
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Prognosis. — Favourable as regards danger to life or health,
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thin and loose edges of skin — for example , in the eyelids , as it
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catarrh, or both. . Usually the onset begins with chilliness, followed
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The Refraction of the Eye (Gustavus Harbridge), 308 ; Refraction of the
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lousness of the voice, its character nasal or bleating, somewhat
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the bowel, or from the mouth and nose. The temperature rises to,
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They occupy a limited and well-defined region of the cerebral
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(4 c.c), or spirit of chloroform Itlij (0.12 to 0.3 c.c), may be given