Dr. Hughes mentioned cases showing the part played by the

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domen ; darting pain in the morning; uncomfortable feeling ; a

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in our materia medica to which I turn more frequently, or com-

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very small extent the circumference of the nervous trunk.

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without hemorrhage or serious injury to the surrounding tissues ;

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At 2,000 metres (2187-2 yards) bullet S has 166 metres

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centre of the flower. It is in this extreme division into

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As might be expected from a scientist of such learning, accom-

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ences," E. L. Melius, Worcester ; " The Obstetric Bag," J. P.

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concentric fissures , occurring either on the side first hit, or on

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easy access, that is, par excellence, a natural sanitarium, especially

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toxication, and alcohol-drinking and drunkenness, each and all

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them in this conviction, in the treatment of this and many other

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1884, and is one of the most interesting and valuable of the

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adapted to the case! Have we so perfected 'our materia medica,

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the higher cerebral centres — the psycho-motor and psychical

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Donald Macrab, Jr., was born in Council BlufTs, Iowa,

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canon of a cathedral ; Linacre, the great English physician who turned

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purge them out, nor sweat them out, nor drive them out with

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homoeopathic treatment 16 per cent [vide British Journal of

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Dr. Emmet is also Gynrecologist to the Columbus Hos-