borax gr. xv (i.o gm.), and distilled water i pint (500 gm.) may be

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(1200 to 1500 c.c.) in the twenty-four hours; the quantity depend-

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the Oidium albicans; characterized by pain, disorders of digestion

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tion of the affection varies from twenty-four hours to six or seven

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air, exercise, etc., are useful adjuncts to the treatment.

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a hydronephrosis supervenes, in some instances so pronounced

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emaciated and bed-ridden condition, the patient being sub'ect to

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much laryngeal irritation, a steam tent will prove most soothing, and

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combated by the addition of i drop of Fowler's solution to each dose.

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health and require general tonic treatment. Attention to personal

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belongs to that group of hsemosporids which multiply by simple

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between the divi^ons of which the anal opening is placed, and from

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be of sufficient strength, the primary attachment to the

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Green stools may be due to an excess of bile, bacterial growth, or

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the effusion, with exaggeration of the same above the fluid. The

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(iii) The appearance of a tender swelling in the loin, which

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applied to the head, and a hot mustard foot-bath should be employed.

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being the result of the activity of enzymes, or of bacteria in the

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some periodic irregularity, long pauses alternating with a series of

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the organisms at the seat of the wound exerts a depressing influence

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of special interest. The oldest was 4 years, and the youngest

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is dark in color, and thick. The arteries are empty of blood; the

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would be almost met by economising on the unnecessary and

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(0.6 c.c), may be administered by the mouth for its hemostatic effect.

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softening and cavitation may follow upon those of consolidation in

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exploration must be given careful consideration, and, if decided

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Crystals. — Charcot-Leyden crystals are colorless, octahedral, sharply

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to prenatal endocarditis or to endocarditis in childhood (see Pig. 47).

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abdomen is tender, especially over the lower part of the colon in

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Prognosis. — Uncomplicated cases usually recover, but the disease

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always put themselves entirely in his hands. Gull was also

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found that the amount of haemoglobin present oscillated between

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may be accepted generally that even the most parasitic have little

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secretions on the bacilli. Rare as a primary disease, tuberculosis of