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condition i)resent winch interferes with the antiperiodic action of the qui-

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heart, but a marked diminution in its contractile power. There may be a

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an even temperature ; then the colonies of bacteria begin to grow. Each

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tionship between the poisons of these diseases. The view that there is an intimate relationship between

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countenance becomes livid, the conjunctiva} injected, the hands tremulous,

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Where the abscess is old and long continued it gives rise to what is

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sandy feel The kidney may be changed into a fibrous shell containing

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Hot Saline Enemata are of the greatest advantage. In some cases

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tubercle bacillus. A bacteriological examination will determine whether

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altitudes. John Tyndall proved that practically no bacteria were found

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adults. They are caused by the precipitation (in the nascent state) of uric

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Their Obaraoteristioa, Points, and Management. By Vabious Bbbsdsbs.

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brown and dry, subsultiisand delirium may have been present, even "coma

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completed within one week. Secondary fever is slight or absent. Again,

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the patient is unable to turn in bed ; the prostration always increases as

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Teth and 24th daj^ foUotved the administration of sulphuric ether. Falls of a degree and a de.^aee and

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metronidazole (flagyl) tinidazole (tindamax) and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (bactrim)

to resist the regurgitant current. The inferior cava and the hepatic veins

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mucous membrane of the intestines ; it is more or less congested, and pre-

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tion alone existed, four deaths directly resulted from the heart-lesion, and two

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entirely on the outside of the external condyle. The knee will be flat-

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ous debility which accompanies it, and its short uniform course are gener-

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excitement must be avoided and the patient should be directed to pur-

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fixed dressing, as of plaster-of-Paris, may bring about gangrene of the

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of iodine are indicated in all cases. But when a history of syphilis is clearly

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of tobacco, anesthetics, etc., have been used. So far there seems to be

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closed as other wounds, and a catheter left in situ until the wound heals.

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circulation and give rise to a form of cardiac palpitation, which ceases as

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walls. As a result of these changes, new vessels appear in the substance of

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diseases produced by Frankel's diplococcus, Friedlander's bacillus, typhoid

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interstitial pneumonia. The diagnosis is reached by exclusion. The treat-

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likewise obtained. Dry heat may be applied in the form of hot water

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as is almost always the case when it is active.^ The jjJiysical signs in hy-

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ous with those of the pre-existing disease. If, after a lobular or pleuro-

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life is often very difficult, yet very important, for on the cause depends the

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lation, and, as the consequence of this interference, swelling of the lower

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act as a barrier. Inasmuch as this abscess of the bone may be the

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I shall continue the etiological classification of infectious diseases.

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cavity, something may be accomplished by so changing the position of the