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common to find in them, as a result of the downward hepatic


essential. Withdrawal of the drug, somewhat rapidly but not too

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of acute endocarditis following rheumatism, chorea, or the infectious

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before the age of 12 years, and, if these cases are omitted

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(98.6**F.) and which is attended by quickened circulation and re-

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unsatisfactory condition, some pathologists terming carcino-

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Ulceration of the larynx., originating in the lymph follicles, is

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formaldehyde. Within a few seconds to a minute, according to the size

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hcemoptysis. The cough was troublesome, and the sputum

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certainty for the development of symptoms, such as pain, occurring

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Meister, Lucius, and Briining, of Hoechst am Main. For

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and the tendency is now more and more toward hydrotherapy and

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developed. It is true that no post-mortem examination was

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lating, dispensing with meats and condiments for a few days; wine,

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Varieties. — I. Aneurysm of the arch of the aorta. II. Aneurysm

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third nerve, epileptic and hjrsteric attacks, paresis, locomotor ataxia,

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tion, and are induced by attempts to drink. Among other distin-

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Smallpox Inoculation. — By the term inoculation is meant the

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should remain indoors, not only for their own sakes, but for the

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mucous membrane and blood clots. Anxiety and depression, a

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If ice cannot be obtained, small doses of opium or hypodermic

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affected kidney weighed 80 gms., whilst the sound one scaled

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Koch's Spirillum of Cholera. 12 hours' Agar Culture ; Flagella. Muir's stain

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Definition. — Strictly speaking, hydrocephalus signifies water in the

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cardial cavity being especially liable to effusion ; but the pleural

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and which may remain a source of infection for some time 3,fter the

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readily than Europeans in the tropics ; the former show a case

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Addison's disease, diagnosis of (Otto Griinbaum) - - _ _ 211

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potash were placed in an ordinary three-gallon pail, and 480 c.c, or 17 fluid

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may become paralysed, causing sudden death by asphyxia. Vomit-

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was placed, and the very extensive disease, the case seemed

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atmospheric electricity. The passage of a powerful current through

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jagged, bristly, stubble-like extremity. The epidermis of the scalp

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septic inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, most fre-

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other layers. Circumscribed areas are encotmtered which possess

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to be repeated in a half hour if necessary. Liquid preparations of

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delusional patient will say he is Christ and immediately drop the