spleen and in the marrow of the bones ; (4) in their earliest stages the

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months, and attacks men in preference to women; butchers, brewers,

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other intestinal parasites may produce a foecal irregularity which

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and rapid pulse, no to 140 beats per minute. At the end of twenty-

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being a blood infection, the skin eruptions tend to be symmetrical.

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the brilliant group who learned medicine under Gull, bears

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Hydrophobia, — In this malady the spasms are paroxysmal and

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size, having a brownish or blackish appearance, from the dust or

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Fixation dressings in compound fractures and injuries of joints . . 168

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lar, not well defined, and do not tend to clear in the center. It is

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individual, although it does not usually manifest itself until after the

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scissors; when the inflammation has subsided somewhat, shaving

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death occurs earlier, and the only symptom of hydrocephalus during

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In infants occasionally a slight emphysema occurs, which, with

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Synonyms. — Pityriasis; dandruff; tinea furfuracea.

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converted into petechiae. Occasionally a minute vesicle forms on

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often very slow, as indicated by the well-known story of the

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distended and tender abdomen. (3) Moderate fever, succeeded by

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maxillary and zygomatic fossae ; the inner wall is in relation

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and the upper border of the liver. On the left side the heart deadens

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aetiology. In 32 cases, in which the information was obtain-

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tea (rice, browned in the oven and infused with boiling water), or

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lus coll communis, and staphylococcus) are causal factors in that they

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The connection between the two parts is in very rare cases reduced to

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upon the arms, as solid, warty patches, or upon the back, in the form

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puberty, after which it is comparatively rare. Tuberculosis of the

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Definition. — ^An infective disease, caused by the Bacillus tuberculosis ,

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changes may affect the entire organ or be limited to portions of the