outer side of the colon. It must be remembered that an

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of chronic diseases of the skin, as ichthyosis, eczema, psoriasis, lepra,

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however, may find it m.ore convenient to take the aperient,

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acid (TUij). Excessive diarrhea may be controlled by camphorated

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is a case of the former, while if past forty it is almost certainly the

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Hence it is that pyrexia is often less alarming in children than in adults.

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Cavernous respiration is a variety of the bronchial respiration, at

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should be given beef-juice, eggs, and beef peptonoids, in addition

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Empyema is attended by septic phenomena in addition to physic^ '

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An excellent purgative and promoter of stomachic peristalsis is:

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Treatment — Patients suffering from acute dementia should be

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day, no difference can be noticed between the two eyes. In patients, in any

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happens, especially with ear disease, that suppurative meningitis

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are less in number and the tenesmus is not so great as in the preced-

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phosphate, 5 j (4 gm.), may be administered well diluted before meals.

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catarrhal or other blocking of the Eustachian canal and passages

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the early stages the progress may be retarded by treatment. The

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rating surfaces, a destruction of the micro-organisms in discharges by

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developed inflammation of the anterior horns of the gray matter of

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most frequent site of cancer. The growth is nearly always primary;

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months, and the beginning of the third stage occurs nine months or

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was a rapid spread of disease in the lungs, and he lost, during

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face — over the pes anserinus — is the most frequent cause. It may

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line that the mosquito was the cause of the transmission of

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ascribed. The affection sometimes follows in the wake of

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and to others. Passing to certifiable insanity, melancholia, with or

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parched state of the throat. Nausea and vomiting are by no means

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Treatment-r-As a prophylactic, in "threatened" sore throat, the

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enlarged. Posterior gastro-jejunostomy was performed. The

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Spinal symptoms, the eruption, the presence of the diplococcus

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were thereby protected from a subsequent attack of smallpox. In

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the first dentition; characterized by severe colicky pains, vomitdng,

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and, in 2, the pain was certainly pelvic in origin, but the

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rated with the official ointment of ammoniated mercury. If required ,

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