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is trodden into a festering heap of rottenness, is not only

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I'later than the autumn of last year. Dr. (Jowhing-Mipdlpton

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2. E. L., aged -30. Confined on April 19th; attended by

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: any causal connection exists between cholera and leprosy, the

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hygienic healthiness and sanitary state of an area, it appears

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tion there is room for considerable improvement. The

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suturing it to the gall bladder and to the parietal peritoneum,

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of elementary education. This grant is not bestowed without

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A decision of the Sheriff Substitute at Greenock, given a few weeks ago

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COS-l-H„0 = CO,-l-H.S. In mineral waters at the springs

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tumour was attached high up to the fundus. I could not make out any

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buildings in the United Kingdom, but the details of the Bill are open to

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any kind have been found ; the drains do not pass under

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large, hard head. At present, six months after the operation, it is alive

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plant that caused this lamentable loss of life ; but Conium

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buildings, in view of the possible appearance of the epidemic. The

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Honorary Fellow of the British Institute ot Public Health

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position to produce metrostaxis are beside the mark for the

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habits of many proselytes who had failed to realise the

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police surgeon, he examined over 300 bodies, but in very

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have artually had their origin in work done in the laboratory,

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roof, but in some of them the window which is supposed to

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Consider the functions of the cortex of the brain as an

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disposing of the dead, and she disapproves of burial in the

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some vasofactive, others fibroblastic. Young fibrous tissue

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the patients, but I have to confess that the resources and

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given by the mouth are not absorbed. The traces found in

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year, which seemed contrary to the conditions of service.

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no history of alcoholic excess, syphilis, or diphtheria.

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of rabies at Algiers. This step has been taken inconsequence

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ber of beds, considering that the population is over 100,000 persons and

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W. E. Macharg, A, Macphail. J. C. Paterson, D. E. Powell,"^'

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of the medical prufessinn ia foreign countries wlio have re-

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which the introducer of the instrument should bear is not

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many of the symptoms. The group of splenic aiipemia in