ance of the blood depresses the individual, he becoming pale, tremu-
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Complications. — The most common complications are catarrhal
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where, becoming impacted, they form foci around which abscesses —
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volume and higher tension ; the blood is less venous and contains a
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often of rheumatic origin as mitral disease (see Fig. 50).
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convulsions in infancy : two-thirds of these were found to be
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which the experiments of the late Professor Rutherford gave
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only to increase the distress. Antistreptococcus serum (20 c.c.
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may fall into a typhoid condition, becoming wildly delirious, and
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with a low carbohydrate ration. It may be possible that
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The present condition of the patients was most carefully
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a solution of cupric sulphate, and then its own volume of a potassium
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of a foreign body in the lumen of the tube, a contracting cicatrix
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certain districts it is unknown, as, for instance, in Norway and
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sets in, with profound prostration, and these states are apt to be
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If the urinary secretion be small and the urine heavy, full doses
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of several infective diseases, especially erysipelas and pyaemia, includ-
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distant parts through the blood or lymph channels, and having
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brain, the walls of the alimentary canal, the kidneys or urine.
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raised with difficulty, and takes the form of rounded gelatinous
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malignant type, however, the lesions are unfortunately more fre-
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this murmur often increases in loudness, as compensation
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alcoholic beverages by man, in the varied conditions of his
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intrinsic changes), in reduced percentage of haemoglobin, in
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majority are agreed that fats are badly absorbed from the large
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specific lesion, but occurs during the course of several, viz,, Occlusion
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practical information, and a useful note is added on the occurrence of
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swelling of the surface, and distortion of the features. Convales-
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contained tubercle bacilli. Digestive functions were a great
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from the mucous membranes, feeble pulse, cold surface, irregular
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