bacilli are carried along by the venous current towards the lungs,
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of a healthy person, and he be directed to whisper, in a uniform manner
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quency of this occurrence is not, perhaps, in accord with general
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The relative frequency of these clinical groups, in a series
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are disturbances of digestion, nausea and vomiting, or both, and of
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degree or two below normal. The onset of the crisis may be
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from the female are in a state of motion, and at once migrate from the
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may be suspected if the vomiting be protracted, and especially if
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The term pachymeningitis means inflammation of the dura mater;
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means, and the risk of a lumbar hernia, occurring in an aseptic
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ness, or pain in connection with the posterior cervical glands is
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be covered with a thin scab, and on disappearance after some weeks
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corresponding total number of attendances, in order to obtain a
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violent cardiac impulse ; a prolonged first and reduplicated second
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details, born of observation and ripened by experience, the
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with some degree of success. Other serums have also been used.
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of pustides. The pustules rapidly dry, forming crusts which have
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handbooks and atlases before an important operation, to refresh
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authorities. On this point, Mr. Hackforth, M.A., clerk to
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the tongue is swollen and protrudes from the mouth; and necrosis
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onset, severe pain in head and back, nervous prostration and high
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in childhood remind the physician of the infectious fevers, and the
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The method by which the tubercle bacillus may be detected is
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tion in the management of this disease. This is best accomplished
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To aid digestion, acids, pepsin, pancreatin, papoid, and bitters
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The beginning of softening of the diseased area is marked by
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should not be too small nor too large in order to facilitate its introduc-
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suffered from pneumonia, so the rheumatic microbe may be lurking
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which occurs in the soil, and usually gains access to the system
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