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large is a vexed question. After exposure, the liberal use of soap
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or streptococcus or string of round beads like a necklet, or a streptobacillus
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to the nucha, and potassium bromide, gr. xxx to xl (2 to 2.6 gm.),
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tration of 10 drops of adrenalin solution (i to 1,000). Strychnine,
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the result of occupation, as in the case of shoemakers.
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to Mr. Stocker, sharing, with that enthusiastic and devoted
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of hardened feces, or stools containing mucus, mucopus, or blood,
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of strychnia by the mouth, during the preceding few days,
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the face, head, neck, and wrists. During the next two days the
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with the condition of cirrhosis; but the "atrophic liver" is smooth,
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It is true that, in the series o cases quoted, no patient
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to favor cholelithiasis. There are no symptoms, as a rule, and the
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the risk, is secured by the attendance at school of children
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and gradually extending over the entire surface of the body. All
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Synonyms. — ^Enteric fever; gastric fever; nervous fever; entero-
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mucous membrane of the larynx and trachea, and that the toxin
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is present. Rapid necrosis of the cartilages is common, and the
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A certain periodicity is noticed as to the hour of the day or night.
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strength to the point of utter exhaustion. It may persist for weeks
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it entirely the native is more or less reduced to wcU-nigh starvation
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bad prognosis. Unfavourable symptoms are severe pyrexia, delirium,
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saturated solution of picric acid to urine, which has been previously
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but more frequently hyperemia and hypertrophy, sometimes degen-
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has known three cases of chronic intussusception in children
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of exit. These appear as incised or lacerated wounds of the integu-
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observation. In some cases the virus enters through the mucous
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Symptoms. — The onset is gradual and considerable swelling of
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organisms may be repelled. When infection takes place the attacking
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The "neurasthenic stigmata" are: Feeling of pressure on head;
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plasm is relatively larger in amount. The diameter of this cell may
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the surgeon should attempt to completely occlude the wound.
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predominates in any case involves many considerations, the
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four days before death was 0-9, and nine days before 1-73.