ever, gained in weight. The superficial abdominal veins were

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The application of tablets of cocaine hydrochloride, gr. H (o.oii

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in winter, at times occurring epidemically, the result of atmospheric

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It is an appearance seen in other febrile conditions besides the

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must be followed, rest being given to the spine, at first by

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may be felt in the loin. This is, of course, a hydro-

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effect in destroying or neutralising the activity of certain poisons, e.g.

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an epidemic of scarlet fever of a peculiarly severe type, it has

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pain and all the symptoms of shock. In purulent peritonitis, hectic

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the epithelial covering is restored, and no contraction takes place.

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with difficulty, and often is unable to project it beyond his teeth.

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the heart produced by degeneration of the vagus, as in the

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fall, due to the diminution in the size of the ventricle as the

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in the tissues and fluids of the body, and until they are able to do

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sound, for, in the majority of these cases, which I have care-

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this extent may also give the reaction with the typhoid bacillus. A more

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ounce) will cause the sediment to be held in suspension and often

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slowness of the circulation at this point. A second explanation is

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remains large, irregularly red, especially the cortex; the tubules

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grave, especially if secondary to previous faucial affection. In faucial

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chest in pneumothorax, in moderate pleural effusions above the

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than that given by Kerr. None of these percentages, however,

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Serum treatment, using the antistreptococcic serum, has been

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followed by recovery. Though, owing to the general character

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bacterial decomposition into products, which have no nutritive

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Most if not all epidemic diseases are transmissible ; so also are some of

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The reaction with iodine and sulphuric add affords a certain test

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the nervous symptoms are but slightly marked, the crisis often takes

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to private practice, he is more or less dependent, or to whose