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Kentucky State Medical Society, Louisville, May 22-24, 1001.

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the brain. The question is raised whether, in the first

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stomach, 5.8 per cent, were under 36 and 12.4 per cent, under

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the Institute of France that which appertains to the Ecole de Medecine, —

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not yet completed. We regret to learn that sickness and death in his

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addressed a public meeting in Montreal, Speaking of the

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the rotten potatoes, and for this purpose turned up the heap with small

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ren, and Mirault. It appears to me clear that nothing had caused this trans-

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us open to the sweeping criticism of Dr. von Bamdohr,

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most striking, and next morning the head was attacked with erysipelas. She

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in the urine. After recovering from typhoid the condition of

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The manuscript of these various essays was solicited from Dr. Caldwell

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diminished, using 1 pint per rectum per day until the quan- '

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the pupils being contracted to the utmost, we are obliged to cover a con-

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exhibited a little increase of vascularity. There was free bleeding from

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were subsequently published by Valentine,^ Shurig,"* Ohme,^ Zierhold,^

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external atmosphere during the progress of the experiments, it is impossible,

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science properly described as pharmacology. Pharmacology is

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by the condition of the hospital corps. In the handling of a

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a thin layer of absorbent cotton may be applied dry, and after

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Case 79, — Operator, Lorenz ; 1889. Dorsal region : duration, 2

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to definitely associate the liver with her condition. There was

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