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diagnosis depend on the same physical conditions, they may be studied
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and for baths. Milk should be scalded or boiled before being
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Tracheal tugging is often present and is diagnostic. To obtain
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very commencement of the catarrhal stage, but for how long a time
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Above all is it imperative to disinfect the dejecta of cholera
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millimeter. The chief feature of the blood is the large number of
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dose of Hunyadi Janos water, is of great value in most cases. Frac-
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with efficient compensation may permit the patient to live to forty
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intensity. Power returns to the hands and legs, the irritabiUty of
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a fine point. Clubbing, however, is sometimes seen in newly-
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almond, an egg, or even the fist. Their development is rapid, at-
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follows: Saturated aqueous solution of orange G., 40 c.c; saturated
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character. They become profane and vulgar, and often resort to
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now the ^^ Clinical House." Owing to his influence with the
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is at least possible that the posterior basic disease of infants is only
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be prolonged ; while, on the other hand, if a very large dose be absorbed,
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Men are much more frequently affected than women in the
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tressing. Palpitation is present and causes anxiety and fear on the
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crowded together in ill-ventilated rooms it acquires intense viru-
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in pleurodynia by firmly strapping the affected side with broad
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Symptoms. — In the absence of renal colic there are usually no
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Children, 305 ; Treatment of Gastric Ulcers, 305 ; Treatment of Tic
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soaking the clothing and leaving a faint greenish or yellowish stain.
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signs and symptoms of the disease, or, in other words, during the
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The change of the dressing must be made as rapidly as possible,
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it is also on the posterior wall of the pharynx. The treatment is
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in the method of treatment has been recommended, I have
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Diagnosis. — ^The diagnostic features of this disease are its history,