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or the gradual decomposition of certain constituents, he has

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causes and remedial appliances appropriate to each ; polypus uteri

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hook. In this manner I removed a narrow but continuous belt

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B, fig. 12, shows the under part of the head which displays

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shall be my object to expose the fallacy of such a belief. This

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ilated, but, wherever found, presents all its peculiar charac-

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In all the past history of our profession, just such a work from the pen

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arm and partial ptosis of both superior eyelids with strabismus late in

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in each, of the size of a pea, or a silver threepence. One of these perforated

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These observations do not relate to epileptic coma or apoplexy

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In the former case the cubebs acts as a tonic, in the latter as a valuable

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agents, which the wisdom of learning and experience make available

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and giver of every good. Is it not delightful to behold woman's

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There are three principle kind-, thus distinguished in com-

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fantile life was indispensable to its development." But Dr. Wat-

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cleanliness, both of person and dress, are among the causes

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divide the lumbar nerve, the phenomena cease. They depend,

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lids may either become inverted, so that the eyelashes

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pint of aqua purge. — New Orleans Med. and Surg. Journal.

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vent the success of the inhalation of opium. In fact, in the

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Vapour of Chloroform. (From Dr. Geoghegan, Surgeon to

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thor may be spared to complete his truly meritorious work.

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he neglects, touches but lightly, or entirely ignores, all those facts and

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rical in the last The cells are shortened very considerably, and

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These cells multiply by budding — i. e., by shooting forth

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come to believe so -trongly in our own exi-tence. or the exigence of the

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rise to the development and transmission of the "nervous

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York Journal of Medicine, contains a very elaborate and interesting

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shape of an intoxicating drink, as given for a remedial agent

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erally entertained upon cephalic version by European writers :

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its aid, as also a reference to those philosophers who have distin-

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glion, and the animal gradually lost its heat, and died in ten

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tures were in direct contact with the ulcerated surface. The va-

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from the linings of the air passages. Perhaps the absorption

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The further disposition to cheapen and make easy the pathway to the

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