phrase, " a leper as white as snow," come to be viewed with suspicion
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of tight corsets or girdles about the waist, violence, increased weight
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an attack of gluttony may immediately precede a fit. The liability
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sive development of blebs varying in size from that of a pea to an egg^
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all. According to Forchheimer, a number of rose-red spots may
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Prognosis.— Unfavorable. The disease slowly but steadily pro-
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eyes are at the same time closed. Spasms of the lower extremity
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massage, friction, faradism, and passive movements are very effica-
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through the intact mucous membrane of the ahmentary tract,
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body. The muscles are flabby and the fat of the body disappears.
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The incision in the abdominal wall should alwa5''S, when
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aged 26. He stated that, for three years, he had suffered
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strongly marked muscular outlines, has been inserted in place of
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surgical assistance to release it, but discharges without obser-
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an acid or neutral urine, the probabilities are that the kidneys are at
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previously had been scarcely able to bear the pressure of their boots, when
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due to adhesions two months after evacuation of an appendix
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The incubation period varies greatly in the different diseases,
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feature in blackwater fever. The vomited matters are not merely
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infusion-bottle was at a height of five or six feet. They have come to the
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Obstruction of the common duct by an impacted calctilus is character-
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The conjunction of ophthalmia and arthritis is almost sufficient
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after twenty-four hours at the body temperature colonies will appear
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disappear. A similar train of symptoms is set up after the second
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that, in the easily palpable abdomens of children, such
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time to remove one bed pan before another is wanted. Owing to
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the Childhood Society,- in which I urged that the attendance
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numerous instances of epidemic pneumonia in connection with
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Hallucinatory mania presents visual, auditory, olfactory, and other
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present. Soon the affected area becomes firm, circular, flat, and
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quently observed on the face and often directly traceable to some
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discharges from nose, throat, and ears. To)rs, fomites, etc., should
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tion of each pustule is between two and three weeks, new ones forming
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, valvular disease of (pulmonary regurgitation), (R. Crawfurd)- - 462
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importance, and it is only by a careful study of them that those en-
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ing distressing symptoms. Liquid or semisolid food, such as milk,
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A young woman, aet. 26, was operated on, in 1903, for
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the spinal cord, in the endothelium of the blood vessels, and in the
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Treves gives the mortahty as not exceeding i per cent.