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ic) The teftiperature in variola falls rapidly, immediately the

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and powdered ipecac, gr. Jf2 (0.005 gm.), should be taken every

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a small inflamed spot may be observed at the point where the

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(i) The cold stage is ushered in by a feeling of lassitude, frontal

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and irregularity of the pulse which occurs in tuberculous meningitis

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It attacks persons of all ages, but is much less severe and fatal

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negative phase is demonstrable in the intra-ventricular

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on board ship, the fomites would appear capable of conveying in-

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* Bokai, Jun. : Henoch Pediatrische Arbeiten, i8go.

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meningitis. With typhus fever it might more easily be confounded discount code

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We found, in some of our experiments, that the object of

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■VBtole and diaitole. iFrom Crttnt'i aad tricuipid valvci are

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doses may be employed. Purgation by salines should be obtained

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and convalescence is established, though liable to be interrupted by

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To examine the urine for tubercle bacilli, the sediment must be

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infants, as a necessary addition to the school curriculum, and illustrative

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shoulder. The liver is uniformly enlarged and tender. The com-

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could hardly be looked upon as a very desirable condition,

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Internally, digitalis, strychnine sulphate, ergot, belladonna, bro-

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or pulmonary arteries by coagula during any stage of the disease.

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covered with fine or coarse scales, with the hairs broken off close to

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Definition. — ^A functional inactivity of the intestinal canal, either