covers the body, the pulse is slow, feeble, and often absent at the
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frequent in the right hemisphere than the left. When the result
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inflammation in Professor Allbutt's System of Medicine. Professor Adami
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nitrites, etc. In disease processes we have the results of the action of
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and perhaps in some of the malignant cases, the presence of the
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Of the eight cases that were alive for some time after
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at what intervals this should be repeated. Patients differ so
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CorainumcabLlity. — Plague can be carried by persons or
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to open the cyst with a fine-bladed bistoury, turning the contents
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that the disease is mainly spread from person to person, either
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A physical examination of the parts may be made by gently passing
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sciatica or other localised neuritis may occur in any position.
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repeated as often as necessary. It is sometimes more convenient
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matter, and calls for prolonged rest and careful treatment.
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of a few hours or longer, the sediment being allowed to dry on the
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vocal resonance. Coughing will always serve to render the r&les
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X (0.3 to 0.6 c.c), and barley water should be given every hour. If
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bleeding. Epistaxis is common. Attacks of arthritis with fever
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were transferred to the garden and treated in the open air, and all
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or two hours. Two baths of one hour each a day is the most suitable dose.
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Starch, albumin, flour, sodium or potassium carbonates and
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and immediately before the first sound begins, which is especially
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calculus shows the manner of its formation by the concentrically
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was difficult to overcome by the anaesthetic ; it impeded the
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result, are rendered inert. They are then partly excreted by
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Symptoms. — Weakness of the muscles with awkwardness and
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inflammatory products are absorbed by first tmdergoing a fatty