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by the tumour (after the injection) striking against the teeth.

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§126. Characterization. This is a disease especially


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stimulating effect upon the Uterus and its appendages.

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Amphitheaters ; Large and Completely Equipped Laboratories ; Capacious Hospitals and

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phoglyceride of cholin with a chemical to a primal cause, and although the patho-

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not confirm the opinions of others in its use in the treatment of

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no treatment will be anything but mischievous which does not

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neracy. 4. The Plea of Insanity in Ciiminal Cases, 1)y James

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alkaline baths and mild unguents, and general tonics internally,


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cattle sometimes suffer while feeding in cornstalk fields late

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— Dr. Swaby Smith records an interesting case where the ad-

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him, who directs him to commit suicide. The attack is noticed