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finger, though a slight thickening of the skin at its base is still

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from the toxin of tuberculosis, but the lesion possesses none of the

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substance, and penetrates about ^ inch into the thickness of the

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acute spinal paralysis of adults — characterized by mild fever, mus-

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lar conditions, there will be multiple abscesses. As the abscess pro-

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variations in severity of the fever, one type often passing into

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has proved very satisfactory. Its advantages are that it com-

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usually points to some local oral trouble. Unilateral furring restilts

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Case. —A middle-aged woman, who, six months previously,

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have been speaking may lead a saprophytic existence, and that it

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chitis. It may be* either acute, subacute, or chronic in its course.

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disease in several places in Europe, more especially in Ireland, where,

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tive, with attacks of blind, uncalculating violence, resisting all who

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present, the diagnosis is usually not difficult, but, in some

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porary cessation of the insanity, or a complete restoration to reason.

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rosacea. The disease may remain in this state, or, rarely, the cu-

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form convulsions may occur, with or without loss of consciousness.

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Polynuclear leukocytes are smaller than the large lymphocjrtes and

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other parts; compression of the abdominal aorta or ligation of a

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but occasionally it exhibits great obstinacy. At times relapses occur.

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the liver, and the infectious fevers, such as pneumonia, malaria,

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to the selective action of the toxines of diphtheria and of tetanus.

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the prevertebral layer of fascia, would travel outwards behind

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In tinea favosa pilaris ei capitis the affection is often accompanied