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male patient kept in bed for eight or nine days, and in his room

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on the second or third day; and a high hemoglobin estimate (90 or

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after relief, in pill form or solution, at ordinary intervals for several

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The liver is also enlarged and infiltrated with leukocytes. The

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alcohol, have his teeth attended to by a competent dentist, and use

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often causes much suffering. Many joints may be affected, one or

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epilepsy from rabies, but such patients do not suffer from the

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which in addition to the painful mental reflexes, there are distressing

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Reappearance of Sugar. — The rettim of sugar demands fasting

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LegaTs test tor its detection consists in the addition of a few drop^

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glands, or by a direct extension of the disease step by step

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isolation (not seclusion), and the administration of small doses of

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tions; while permanent polyuria results from diabetes mellitus,

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on pressure, later they are permanent, and persist till the crisis, and

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anaesthetics fall short of perfection, either by excessive stimulation, which

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factory evidence been brought to support such views. The

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valves are contracted or adherent to the ventricle. It may be due

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we occasionally meet with attacks to which the term " semi-malig-

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•diluted with barley water or lime water, or it may be peptonised, or

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for medicinal treatment. Cardiac stimulants, such as digitalis, may

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gr. X to XX (0.65 to 1.3 gm.), one hour before or two or three hours

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pressiwe upon it relieves the pain. In severe attacks the surface is

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the "irritable heart" is induced by prolonged marches. In a

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of Kumaon and Ghurwal in the north-west provinces of India 3 and

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and seeing all the medical cases brought up for treatment,

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fatty degeneration. Of the other organs the lungs may be cedema-

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only in rare instances have they been discovered in the blood itself.