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The condition will slowly improve, or may pass into a chronic
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elsewhere. In children this is usually empyema or thick l3^mph
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of the superficial veins and an indistinct, often wavy and diffused,
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lesion is most common on the trunk. The course is chronic.
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are affected, though much oftener than from simple endocarditis,
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given to commence with, followed by smaller doses every six or
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festations of anemia, iron together with malt and the hypophosphites
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In the mucous variety the secretion consists of young cells and
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lies and occurs at an earlier age than locomotor ataxia.
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Hutchinsonian teeth and interstitial keratitis, any of the above-
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it may not be possible to deliver the colon outside the incision . . .
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but often there remains some permanent damage to the brain,
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may manifest itself as a general septic infection without any ana-
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gastric contents from 0.15 to 0.2 per cent, is normal, and is due to
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should be interdicted. Moderate exercige is of benefit. Potassium
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Treatment. — During the febrile stage the patient should be placed
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is 98.96° F., that of the stream of urine is 98.56° F., that of the axilla
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centers of sensation. As causes, may be mentioned neuritis, trau-
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of the third nerve on the opposite side, or the side of the lesion. The
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tough semi-cartilaginous consistence. The names scorbutic dysentery
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the right kidney through an incision in the loin, and describes
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the Eye and their Treatment (Sir H. Swanzy and Louis Werner), 308 ;
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perhaps a distinct remnant of papulation. It differs from scarlet
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conveyed from one person to another, so it would seem leprosy is
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during the night, and natives after a full meal. In the tropics
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.Tu^t before It is used, it is laid in a vessel filled witli an alco-
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note. A pleural effusion on the left side may also render this area