The diplococcus intracellularis is found not only in the epidemic,
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during digestion, and after physical exertion. It is observed as a
tinue five or six days before the patient is compelled by increasing
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enlarged and tender, the stools numbering from six to a dozen during
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surface, aids in- the eliminative action of the skin. The diet must be
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and after free perspiration and diarrhea, and the ingestion of nitrog-
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the back of the neck, cervicodyniay may be mistaken for occipital
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change in the form of the precordium. Normally, the impulse is
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Belladonna and its alkaloid atropine occasionally induce a diffuse
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progress of the affection. It should be administered to the point of
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foul-smelling, jelly-like material, attended by great straining, may
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he noticed blood in his water, but the haematuria lasted for
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dition, yet such authorities as Ebstein and Neumann record
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years of age and over forty years the mortality is 50 per cent., and
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body, but to the fact that owing to the continued action of large
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tuberculous meningitis. The duration of the less acute cases of
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in much the same way as do such primary infections as smallpox,
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they are composed of albuminoid substances, but there may be in
brown, and cracked, abdominal tenderness, early diarrhea and
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bacillus leprae when stained is decolorised less readily by acids ; {b)
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The consideration of the various types of arrhythmia of
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no sense a mottling. Where the skin is normally harsh, as on the
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the age of seven, but the tendency to it increases with every year
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must be administered by the rectum if necessary ; heart failure must
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liritmi often resembling mania, continual jerking of the limbs, oscil-
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Auscultation in the early stage detects prolongation of the first
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laries may rupture causing extravasation of blood. Following the
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Attacks of asthma frequently occur as a complication in emph3rsema,
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and, only occasionally, are tubercle bacilli to be found. The
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Surgeon to Out-Patients, Royal Waterloo Hospital; Assistant Demonstrator of
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involved. It may have associated the fibrillary muscular contrac-