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valuable part of the treatment. For tenesmus, Rotch advises sup-
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senical preparations are especially valuable. Fluidextract of jabor-
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Among other remedies of value may be mentioned tar, resordn,
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pointing to the conclusion that a child, who does not attend school before
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two weeks in those who recover, although death may occur at any time
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and 13), old-standing, chronic cases (Cases 6 and 14), and
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on either cheek. The expression of the countenance is immobile and
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next washed in clear water until they are entirely odorless.
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by pressure on the head. Rigidity and stiffness of the neck
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' Report of the Medical Ofl&cer (Education) to the London County Council
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When the flow of urine is well established, I prescribe
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or ol. terebinth administered. Sometimes relief may be obtained
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tasis to other organs may result in atrophy or impairment of their
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worthy of trial, but there is not at present sufficient experience to
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reflexes may be delayed in certain nervous diseases, and in others the
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nal wall repaired in a manner similar to a radical cure for
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after a motion ; the stools consist of mucoid material tinged with
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In anemic cases, iron, quinine, strychnine, and arsenic will be re-
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Gargles or sprays of alum (gr. viij to f5j), ammonium chloride (gr.
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parts, and occasionally of internal organs. The structures most
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richshall, or Rubinat. Most of these waters contain magnesium
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of the bacillus. The typhoid bacilli are, however, mainly embedded
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In cases of syphilitic origin the iodides may be employed. Potassium
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pation, Carlsbad salt should be employed. For reHef of the pain,
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Localization of the lesion of a cerebral hemorrhage is of great
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laxative should be taken every morning, such as a teaspoonful of sulphate of
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The normal specific gravity varies from 1.015 to 1.025; ^t is low
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gm.), should then be given every two hours until six doses have
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not associated with cerebral softening have regained the memory
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out of difficulty, was not sufficiently justifiable.
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back to the acutest paroxysms of renal pain. To the latter the
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containing a few drops of it, by the decinormal sodium hydrate
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disease, the muscle fibres are found to be undergoing a fatty degenerative