toxic influence, probably parasitic in nature, having its habitat, in

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and toes, showed curious attacks of coma with feeble irregular

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The occurrence of perforation requires prompt surgical inter-

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deprived of its power of causing a generalised eruption, while

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of the integuments, or sometimes a widespread appearance of

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his colleagues, will in all probability consider inter alia "the

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pus in the neighbourhood of the pharynx, it is necessary first

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becomes tympanitic and tender, and haemorrhage may occur from

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the so-called "Salisbury steaks." The use of half a pint of hot

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┬žlate-colored skin, dark gums showing a blue line, heavy breath,

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the large intestine as a result of the sloughing of the

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being divided by the number of school meetings in order to

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and therefore a complete case, that is to say, one which has

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Committee, provided that the Board of Education would make

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posterior nares. This glanderous ozaena may infect the lungs and

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noted that gonorrhoea closely resembles other specific infections.

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and does not disappear on the temporary rehef of pressure

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virus, yet it refuses to yield to the usual anti-syphilitic remedies.

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redness, and severe burning and itching and if the process extend into

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ventilated room, and if aged or extremely young and feeble, placed

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Picric acid has a marked affinity for epidermis macerated with sweat, and

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eyes, collapsed cheeks and temples, pinched nose, and drawn upper

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of potassium have been much used, and the reports as to their action

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glands of the groin and these become enlarged and hard. They

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and therefore a complete case, that is to say, one which has

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that the body often appears thin and marasmic, and the skin lax,

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membrane of the stomach and intestines, together with an irrita-

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After the attack has subsided calomel followed by magnesia or