suppuration of the glands is not very common; otitis media and
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(i) Movable kidney associated with Glenard's disease.
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manner. The infective material may either be transmitted directly
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body where it is impossible to get at them for the purpose of
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ankylosis and chronic osteo -arthritic changes. Though stiffness
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Few cases become permanently cured, but the affection shows spon-
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patient should be protected from draughts. Where there is much
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rapidly weak and emaciated, the body appearing to shrink as in
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the right kidney was not only movable, but rotated, so that
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Moreover, there are certain parts of the chest which can only be
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deaths. It is extremely probable that amongst the latter are
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excruciating pains in the back and legs, and the appearance of a
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axis, is found in this region, but the absence of an acute onset,
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general condition of the patient is to govern in the management and
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Thus, V. Jaksch found largje quantities in the urine of patients
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lose their umbilicatton and become mature pustules, each surrounded
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characterised by considerable variation in severity. There are
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The abdomen was then closed, no attempt being made to fix
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Treatment — ^The patient should be confined to an apartment of
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friction with gauge, and approximated by a few interrupted
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Prophylaxis. — The institution of sound water drainage, the
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still remains a large class of cases in which the diagnosis is a matter
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throughout the snow and Arctic cold of the severest winters. In-
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this disease, but no one alone has as yet been identified as the cause.
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Sequelae. — Although recovery from a severe attack may take
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altered resisting or adaptive power on the part of one tissue or organ,
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Pathological Anatomy. — ^Two forms are recognized: (i) Byper*
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strain and physical exertion should be carefully guarded against and