epileptiform in character. These convulsions are usually limited to
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runs higli, frequently develop delirium, and alarming convulsions
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but acquired. It is principally acquired by those persons in whom
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pathology. — ^The most constant structural changes are sclerosis,
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to the cornea or lens. A drop of i per cent, solution of atropine
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rubber bandage) to the affected leg in cases of eczema unattended by
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after a motion ; the stools consist of mucoid material tinged with
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bodies coming within their sphere of influence. A patient thus recovers
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of legalising marriage with a deceased husband's brother has
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be considered. Infected meat and milk should be rejected
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(b) The actual mobility of the kidney is often far in excess
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milder cases under appropriate treatment may be prolonged for an
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and symptoms of an attack of ague or other form of fever.
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visit at the house previous to the child's illness, and observ^ed
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of the intestine, the band must have at least two fixed points
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sure). And a child who has had diphtheria should not be allowed
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angles of the mouth. At this stage there is often albuminuria, and
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for a number of cases of hemianesthesia. These cases are paroxys-
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about the same time each year. The attack begins with irritation of
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Resection of the articular surfaces of the scapula 310
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cerebral" compression. Persistent headache, vertigo, photophobia,
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The Disguises of ^^de such rapid strides that, as a system,
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Causes. — ^The affection is most common in childhood, particu-
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the line of the ureters into the genitals. The urine is bloody and may
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or other highly nutritious food in small quantities at frequent but
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paper, showed that erythema (and occasionally urticaria and pur-
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Iodide of sodium or of potassium is added to the treatment at
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such general terms as pyaemia and septicccmia, are due to the
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tions of this system are in vogue all of which are adapted to individual
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the injured part completely at rest (by bandages , cloths , splints , firm
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of the sacrum, into and up through the sigmoid flexure, and into the