old age. The inspiration of particles of food and mucus, such as
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anti-toxic serum, animals may be rendered temporarily insusceptible to
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them to give it the specific character. 5. In the animal so affected,
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(gr. 5), by creasote (min. 20), and a host of other drugs have been
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temperature, pulse, and respirations, which reveal the amount of shock
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with phenol-methylene blue. It does not stain by Gram's method.
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or the use of the various pastilles or cigarettes, are of great benefit
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also the thickenings round the pylorus, proved the absence of
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latter purpose in a rheumatic attack in which there is acute dilatation
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term acute decubitus may be employed to express the condition;
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have been obtained from the mahgnant osdema bacillus. The first of
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described, but the real one has not yet been isolated with certainty.
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Eczema Rubrum. — ^This is a variety only from a clinical standpoint.
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hysterical and epileptic patients, and each portion of the work as it
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may be gained without loss of unremitting attention to duty.
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and vomiting ensue, the drug must be stopped. Iodide should
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area of dullness, with expansile pulsation and a bruit in the region
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abortive, attacks, which run an even shorter course. Frequently
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closed. An opening was made above the pubes sufficient to
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the pure cultures the respective "weak" (first) and "exalted"
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and vomiting ensue, the drug must be stopped. Iodide should
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bath may be given every night with advantage. If the attack
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* may be relished. Of starchy foods, well-boiled rice is the first to
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becomes extinct. There are practically no recoveries from this
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attended by anorexia, dyspepsia, epigastric distress after meals,
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Sir William Whitla recommends th^ following cascara
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and of the bowels. It is most common in bottle-fed infants, but
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bacillus, again taking it as an example, being most active in producing
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anaesthetic, any foreign body removed, and any inflamed or sup-
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a small portion extending over the median line into the left upper