vomiting. The association of headache, vomiting, and sore throat
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potassium bromide, sulphonal, or trional. It is better, however, not
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bined with ether and ammonia may be administered. Counter-
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various angles ; the general appearance of the group thus resembling
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ether, or better, perhaps, hypodermic injections of strychnine (gr,
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Definition. — ^An acute inflammation of the epithelium of the urin-
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The patient should be isolated in a large airy room which is quiet,
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Now choline is a poisonous alkaloid, but by the action of the
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Tuberculosis of the brain substance may result in the formation
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permanent crippling of the heart. Dilatation is almost invariable.
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allowed to remain longer then necessary, they increase the discharge.
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tract of pilocarpine, TTlxv (i c.c), every two or three hours, or in dram
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A physical examination of the parts may be made by gently passing
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protein and fat are allowed; when the tolerance is between 50 and 100
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a rule, they cover the scalp uniformly. Itching occurs with both
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to combine the internal administration of iodide of potassium
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aconite is also useful. Hydrotherapy should be used to combat high
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intestinal w^ are thickened with scattered slate-colored patches of
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poor food, impure air, and destitution; the bed-bug, body louse, and
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outbreaks have occasionally occurred in paper-mills from the use of
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is not absolutely proved, but they are believed to be posterior to the
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hard or Hunterian chancre, which, unless irritated, never suppurates.
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or brownish crusts; they are few in number, and may coalesce. They
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