depending on the direct or indirect method of infection.

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the second gland is affected. In some cases there is no pyrexia.

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healthy children. A systolic murmur at the apex in a rheumatic

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appears first on the forehead and lips, consisting of coarse red spots.

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respiration, dyspnea on exertion and, sometimes, Cheyne-Stokes

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in the blood ; it simply acts as an absorbed chemical substance,

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vomiting), followed by a rapid rise of temperature, 103° to io4°P-. a

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been rare, and sporadic cases not at all infrequent. The malady

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respiratory tract, accompanied by more or less catarrh of its mucous

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in thickness. When stained the parasite shows one, two, or three,

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bones, and gummata in the skin, abdominal viscera, and the

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benefit. General physical and mental rest is indicated in the nervous

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gets darker, and in the later stages of the fever they often become

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hypodermically. Digitalis and ammonia may be given.

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withdrawn or its quantity greatly reduced. Tyson advises complete

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The following case is an example of the importance of

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I. A. B., female, aged 2j, was sent with history of indiges-

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and it is too late to do much. The opening is not neces-

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In the first variety, recovery is the rule within a few dajrs, to a week or

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itself, that a war of extermination against the common

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came to the conclusion that only a very small proportion of

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Fever Hospitals of the Metropolitan Asylums Board somewhat

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The exciting causes are those that immediately precede and pre-

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feeding has apparently maintained the condition of nutrition

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it should be prohibited in those given to excess. For the diabetic,

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peoples of the earth who have recorded their histories, whether

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on to facilitate the hardening process '(Whitfield).