and the patient gradually sinks. The condition is known as vari-

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Prognosis. — The outlook is, as a rule, favorable, if early and

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Cause. — A high bodily temperature, causing unusual activity of the

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should therefore be reserved for those urgent cases only, in

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to women. Young girls, elderly single women, widows, and childless

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cular, but during an experience of many thousands of similar

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Morbid Anatomy. — ^Atrophy of the thyroid gland, sometimes more

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pressure symptoms appear. Qtmiiiie sniphate and potassiom iodide

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matter of fact, had been at first opposed to the new views,

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and peritonitis, but not congestion of the lungs, contra-indicate

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Whenever bronchial respiration is present where, in health, the normal

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at the site of an injury. It is observed most frequently in negroes

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dilutus, U.S.P., to 2 of laudanum), carbolic add lotion (5ij to the

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Dermatitis exfoliativa is a very unusual affection, in which the

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the systde, lower in pitch, and of a blowing character. When the

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a free use of antiseptics, and in extreme cases by the removal, by

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and opium reduce the fever. As an alternative to the latter proced-

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enlarged, and probably somewhat tender. The rash usually appears

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course of Bright's disease may give rise to difficulties in diagnosis.

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the use of sodium or strontium bromide, gr. v (0.3 gm.), carbolic

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the skin, the presence of blood and casts in the urine, and tender-

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cease in one or more joints and abruptly appear in others.

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and general condition of the patient. Certain symptoms of disease,