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Crown 8vo. Pp. 263 ; illustrations 192. Paris : Masson et Cie.

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George Newton Pitt, M.D., F.R.C.P. Physician and Lecturer on Pathologj',

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discussion at the Medico-Chirurgical Society, there is one fatal

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With each fresh eruption the old nodules soften and may com-

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ence of chronic organic diseases, such as Bright's disease, fatty

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But if the wound has become septic, if inflammation, sujDpuration,

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to the growth in the later stages, a colour considered to be characteristic

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up inflammatory action, soon becoming surrounded by a capsule or

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relax, and the patient regains consciousness ; the respiration im-

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The group of phenomena produced by the Trichina spiralis is

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It is, perhaps, in the direction of the discovery of a more perfect

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or magnesium dissolved in a small quantity of hot water may be

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The objects of percussion are to elicit certain sounds, and the

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and not around its base. The object of such multiple puncture is

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utes or a few hours, the stone escaping into the bladder. If the stone

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ary capillaries and a proliferation of the liver cells.

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to young surgeons and practitioners, and his long experience in rectal

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substance, and an increase in the subarachnoid fluid.

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It is conceivable that the temperature of the body might rise because,

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evident that the public announcements in official conwiuniques,

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linen cloth. They should be kept in a place where they will be safely

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of two days. She died of inanition three weeks later.

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a farmhouse, and one of the young ladies as saying, " How