no case was there a blood-stained hydrocele, as has been

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ital form may be either a diffused cellular infiltration which produces

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bronchitis and pneumonia. By the escape of the streptococci into

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nated with the fever germ. "Food, fingers and flies" are the chief

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unworthy of consideration, is that of general toxaemia arising

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she ever passed a large quantity of urine at any one time.

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out by Glerard and Sahli. If the bowel can be felt, as a rule,

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Osteoplastij3 resection of the tarsus (Mikulicz-Wladimiroff) 315

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lesion, such as prolapsus uteri, for whom nephrorrhaphy is

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minal and pelvic disorders. It then often results in suppuration.

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The object of the treatment of wounds is the exckisiou of all

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upon the bowels, kidne3rs, and skin, and plenty of fresh air, is of great

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is occasionally seen in Addison's disease. The red, beefy tongue is

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three days. The occurrence of chills, fever, marked abdominal dis-

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Nephritis, effect of baths and sweating in - - - - - 718

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many rural districts, it is practically or altogether unknown.

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Reaction takes place in many cases in from one-half to three hours,

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I to 7 years after operation, and the results placed into one

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the severity of those met with in an ordinary acute tonsillitis.

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with a previous case. Indirect infection through the agency of

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Varieties. — I. Mucous catarrh, associated with moderate expectora-

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of either discrete or confluent, small circular, cup-shaped, pale-

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calamity. Too often the dilatation of the heart produced by the

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of mucus, but there is often also a decided looseness of the bowels,

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fullness of the large anastomosing vessels; the spinal fluid is somewhat

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with a high rainfall. In this country the disease seems to have

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occurred within a few hours, the gastrointestinal mucous membrane

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distinguishes between an acute and a chronic mania must always be